Why A New Fender Would Look Great Under The Tree

You suffered through the first painful months of their lessons, when strings were out of tune and fingers were out of position. It was hard not to cringe whenever they played, but it’s been nearly a year since then. Now they sound pretty good, and they would sound so much better if they could graduate from the guitar and amp you bought second hand on the Internet. It couldn’t be helped – your child is notorious for changing her mind, and you weren’t sure if she’d stick with the guitar. What was decent for a beginner who may or may not continue is no longer appropriate for the player of her talent and dedication.


And that’s why you’ve decided to reward her hard work with a brand new Fender. Fender because of it’s long history of making quality guitars. She’d be in good company, as so many of the world’s top guitarists reached fame playing on one of their guitars. Jimi Hendrix is known for playing his white ’68 Stratocaster during Woodstock. Eric Clapton still plays “Brownie” the ’56 sunburst Stratocaster. Add to the list other such notables as Kurt Cobain, Jeff Beck, and John Mayer and you know that Fender makes a quality guitar.

It doesn’t matter which kind that you buy her, as long as it fits your budget. The Stratocaster is Fender’s most popular guitar, but they also make the Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, and Mustang. If you’re holidays are a little tighter than usual, Fender also has a more economical subsidiary called Squier, which offers models similar to the Strat and other Fenders as well as a few original designs at a lower price point.

To find out which one your daughter would like for Christmas, you could attempt to broach the subject over dinner one night. Or you could make your job easier by taking her to one of the music stores in your neighbourhood. If she takes her lessons through one of these stores – even better – as you’ll have an excuse to peruse the store without making a special trip. Sure enough, she’ll naturally play around with the guitars that stand out to her, and you’ll have your gift highlighted, circled, and underlined.

When she’s busy at school or away at her friend’s, you can return and get the guitar she was trying out without her ever suspecting a thing. Fender guitars make excellent holiday gifts but so do amps, wiring, straps, and all of the other accessories she’ll need to be a true rock star. Once you’ve settled on a package, the only hard part will be figuring out how to wrap it all! But that mini crisis will be worth the look on her face when she finds a brand new Fender under the tree. (Be sure to have to have camera on hand!) And then, you can bask in the glory of being her hero this Christmas. But more importantly, once she ditches her used guitar for a quality made Fender, she’ll sound that much better.