Some Great Unusual Gift Ideas

Are you racking your brains to think of ideas for gifts for a friend of a loved one? It can be hard to find the perfect present these days, and let’s face it – there is lots of choice.  We have put together a list of some unusual gift ideas that you can rest assured, the recipient probably doesn’t already have.

Cheese Celebration Cake

This one is perfect for cheese lovers.  Organic Cheese presents are getting increasingly popular and much-loved by the recipients.  The cakes look fantastic and of course your friend or loved one can serve it up exactly how they please, whether it be with some nice bread, oat cakes or wafer biscuits.  If you want, you can even garnish it yourself for further personalization.

Name a Star After them

This is perfect for the other half.  You can actually name a star after someone that you love.  That way, if you are having a nice and romantic evening or stroll – your partner can look up in the sky and see their very own star.  It’s an incredibly special gift, and you can count on the fact that they won’t have another one named after them.

Newspaper on the Day they were Born

This is perfect for a big birthday.  You can get newspapers printed off and delivered for the day they were born.  This means that you can give them something extra special as a keepsake.  They can do what they want with it including getting it framed, put it up on a wall – and make it a showcase piece.  It’s something that’s really thoughtful and they will appreciate.

A Picture Collage

You know that this isn’t something that they will have because it will be personal to your relationship with them. You can create a picture collage that includes a lot of your favourite pictures and experiences together.  This is perfect for friends and family, and again will show that you have put in added effort in your gift to them.

A This is Your Life Book

Another great gift especially for birthdays is a “This is your Life” type book.  Here not only can you put photos of special moments in there, but you can put memorable certificates, days, dates etc in there as a timeline of their life.  You can buy packs which you can personalise, or else you can make your own completely from scratch.

A Personalised Wine Hamper

If the recipient is a wine fan, you can get great personalised hampers.  You can choose their favourite wines and can also pop your own message on the label.  As well as this – you can add in your own items to the hamper that you know they will like to go with the wine.

If you were struggling to find a suitable girl and want to make a bit of an extra effort, then hopefully some of the above will help you on your way.

Image: Pixabay