Signs that you May Need a Car Service

You should schedule in time to service your car regularly even if there aren’t any glaring issues.  Manufacturers normally suggest that this is done once your car has reached a certain mileage, or you have had it for a certain period of time. There could be other warning signs that you should put your car in for a service which we have outlined below.

The Engine Warning Light is on

If you have a fairly modern car – the likelihood is that it will be able to tell you if your car needs serviced.  You would normally see a check engine light on the dashboard of your car.  If this is the case, then you should make sure you take your car to a garage.  It could be highlighting that there are some engine issues that you need to take care of.  Some cars even come complete with a service light – that will let you know if your service is due.  This one is normally spanner shaped, and you should take action when you see it.

There are Odd Noises Coming from your Car

If there are any noises coming from your car that you are not used to, then you should get this checked out.  This could be things such as exhaust noises that are louder than normal, as this could mean that there is some type of crack or hole in your exhaust.  It could be that there is a whining noise that comes from your bonnet, which could mean that there is a loose belt.  Other noises to listen out for could be the sound of crunching gears, or a noise when you push on the brake.

Steam Coming from the Bonnet

When your car is overheating, this could be issues with the radiator – you will normally see steam coming from the car which is normally white.  If this is the case, then you will need to get your car to a mechanic. A good guide is taking a look at your cars temperature gauge, and the steam could be caused by worn valve seals, oil seals that are worn, piston rings that are worn and more.

Your Brakes are Pulling or Vibrating

If your brake discs or pads are a little worn, or there are problems with your steering or suspension –this could cause your brakes to act a little strangely.  This means that you shouldn’t be driving your car as is, and you should arrange for your car to be checked by a reputable company like the Windmill Garage in Waterlooville.

It’s not Comfortable to Drive

If you feel that things are a little more uncomfortable than normal when going over speed bumps, or there are noises from the wheel arch, then you need to get it serviced.  Again, this could be another issue with suspension.

If you experience any of these issues – then it’s important to get your car checked out.

Image: Pixabay