Searching For One Last Gift This Holiday? An iPhone 6s Plus Wrap Is Your Answer!

Nothing quite matches the agony of Christmas shopping. Overcrowded shopping malls, pushy sales people, and the constant fear that you’re getting the people on your list stuff that they don’t want can ruin the holiday mood you’ve been carefully cultivating. Luckily you can cut down on the festive frustration if you have someone on your list who owns an iPhone 6s Plus. You can get them the best present without ever stepping foot in a mall when you go online for an iPhone 6s Plus wrap.


The iPhone 6s Plus is an expensive phone. If you have one yourself, you know exactly how much one will run you, but a quick Google search will tell you’re looking at over $700 with most cell phone carriers. Considering your friend or family member laid down this much for their phone, you know that they’ll want to protect their investment. They might even have a plastic case covering it right now!

But the iPhone 6s Plus isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Android that can take any discount covering. It’s Apple’s flagship mobile phone, and it deserves the best form of protection on the market. The 64-bit A9 chip and its expansive iOS 9 needs some defence, especially if you want them to continue working faster and harder than any other smartphone hardware out there. Luckily, wraps have matched the high standard that Apple has set with their amazing 6s Plus, and they can provide the protection that it deserves.

Made out of genuine 3M vinyl, iPhone 6s Plus wraps adhere seamlessly to the phone’s 7000 Series aluminum alloy, accommodating and correcting the flaws in its design. It acts as a second skin to this alloy, taking the brunt of damage caused by sharp objects and rough surfaces that can ruin the body of the 6s Plus. By virtue of being 3M vinyl, this additional layer is water-proof. That means it also protects the phone from accidental spills that would otherwise seep into seams, and it prevents grime from building up at its bezels and buttons. Perhaps most helpfully, its material creates a better grip. On such a big phone as the 6s Plus, your loved one will especially appreciate this feature as it will make it easier to keep it in their hands where it belongs.

Despite it being the season of giving, this is also a gift that benefits you. The best looking iPhone 6s Plus wraps can only be found online, so you can avoid the long lines and annoying crowds of the mall. Find amazing holiday gifts at and you can shop from the comfort of your couch, bed, or bathtub! It doesn’t matter where, as long as you have access to the Internet. Then you can search through the colours and textures that would best fit those on your list without even leaving your house. Wherever you feel most comfortable, click through the options and find a personalized (and stylish) wrap that befits your loved one.

An iPhone 6s Plus wrap is truly a wonderful present. The person on your list will have a unique and stylish form of protection to save their phone from incurring damages. And you won’t have to experience the agony that is Christmas shopping in a mall any more than you have to. Sounds like a win-win situation!