How to Beat NHS Delays

It has been very well reported over the past few years that the NHS in the UK is struggling and is bursting at the seams.  The root cause of all of this is being reported as underfunding and people living longer.  As a result of this, waiting times for doctors, emergencies and specialists are on the increase.  Despite government targets being set for all of these, the outcome is not great and it is continues to get worse each year.  A way to bypass this and get some medical attention quicker is to consider using the private healthcare system.  A lot of people grudge doing this as they are paying a lot of money on National Insurance to pay for their NHS however your personal health is far too important to not get the correct level of attention when required.

Efficiency of Private Healthcare

One of the biggest benefits of going private is getting quick doctors appointments.  Getting an appointment to see a GP on the NHS is different parts of the country can be a struggle and it can sometimes take several days or even weeks if things are busy.  If you go private, generally you can get seen by a doctor pretty quickly at a time and location of your convenience.  If the GP is then looking to refer you to another person they will do so very quickly.  Again, something the NHS is struggling with is getting people appointments with specialists.  Depending on the specialist you need, this can be many months.  On private healthcare this can be almost instant and the GP referral will take care of all of it for you.

 Costs of Private Healthcare

Some people think that going private is going to cost you an arm and a leg.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  The cost of the initial consultation from a GP is not significant however the follow on specialist appointments or treatment could be depending on what the issue is.  There are ways that you can minimise the outgoings here which includes taking out health insurance.  Some companies offer this as a perk for their employees or employees that reach a specific management level however you can do all this on your own if you so desire.  There are different levels of care you can take out that would include basic – GP consultation and some basic referrals, to Advanced which would include almost everything including the best technology in the health care industry.

Quality of Service

Something you are almost guaranteed to receive is a good quality service when you go private.  Remember that you are paying separately for this and you are a customer therefore they will go above and beyond the normal expectations to make you feel comfortable and give you the best possible treatment efficiently.  There are many private doctors surgeries and hospitals dotted all around the country that look and feel very different from your typical NHS ones.

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