Awesome Wearable Technologies to test Today

Once we start to discuss the web of products, we keep returning to wearables. Oddly enough (although not remarkably), technologies have joined into every aspect in our lives–the things we put on. Because the wearable industry keeps growing, we are gaining access to a myriad of awesome devices which make living a existence of luxury simpler than ever before.

From fancy watches to glasses which make you appear just a little around the crazy side, wearable technology is everywhere you appear–using your fancy new glasses, obviously.

Google Glass

Okay, we all know you’ve most likely heard about Google Glass, but it is so prevalent it’s worth mentioning. Google Glass provides extensive hype surrounding it, and permanently reason. The glasses allow customers to record videos, take photographs, call their buddies, and access a database of maps. The first form of the merchandise offered for $1,500–not sure on final cost for that public.


While Pebble looks nearly the same as a watch, it will a lot more that that. It allows customers know when they have been known as, received a voicemail message. and been texted. To not be surpassed by an traditional watch, additionally, it informs time.

Technology-not only to get where you’re going around since it features a Gps navigation and you may track your stats advertising media are or hike. Born into our planet included in a Kickstarter campaign, it’s lengthy surpassed its goal. It’s suitable for both Android and iOS and charges only $150.

Wise PJ

We are looking forward to anything pajama related (pajama jeans, anybody?) which wearable isn’t any exception. Utilizing an application, you just scan a set of code embedded pajamas as well as your smartphone pulls in the perfect story to go with your slumberwear.

The jammies make use of a new checking technology (not QR codes) and therefore are presently available simply to children–but they are focusing on a grownup version. For just $25, you are able to relaxation in peace.


OpenGo is a touch factor which goes inside your shoe, and is ideal for sports athletes who’re either training or rehabilitating. It’s created by Moticon and has a memory stick, software, along with a situation. The price can be obtained only upon request, however the handy gadget does a fantastic job of monitoring important stats inside a discrete way.


For that health insurance and exercise enthusiast, we expose you to the Electrozyme. They are temporary tats which do greater than must cause you to look totally awesome–they measure lactate inside your sweat. Then, the dimensions make their method to the truly amazing internet where they track your electrolyte balance and overall degree of hydration.