5 Top Hamper Ideas

Getting a hamper gift send to someone is becoming a lot more popular especially with the ease of being able to go online selecting different themed hampers.  Online companies take care of it all for you and getting this sent on to whoever you want in the quantity required can be done with the click of a button.  It is common to use hampers for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.  Here are some specific hamper ideas.

Create Your Own Hamper

If you are wanting to give a hamper a personal touch, you may choose to do this on your own.  It’s clearly a lot more hassle however not completely out of the question. You can purchase the actual hamper container from places like Amazon and look at sites such as Godminster Cheese & Wine to pull together some high quality items to place within the hamper.  Don’t forget to purchase a bow also as this helps with the finishing touches.  What you do need to watch out for using this method is the actual postage and packaging costs.  Doing this yourself and using companies such as Royal Mail could be costly especially if the item is large, bulky and potentially heavy.  Also, consider if you want to send this gift recorded delivery or similar to ensure its progress is tracked.

Chocolates Hamper

Definitely a big favourite is a chocolate hamper.   Good for many different occasions and can be purchased on many different sites.  You can go for the kids hamper type with chocolate more appropriate for that age group or you could go for the more sophisticated ones for adults.   These cone in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Cheese and Wine Hamper

A very British option would be to go for the cheese and wine hamper.  The dilemma you may have here is what cheeses would you like and what wine type.  Getting the balance right may be a little tricky.  These would be an ideal present for things like Christmas and with Cheese boards a very popular British tradition, it is likely to get the thumbs up from whoever is receiving it.

Wine Hamper

Forget the cheese and just end the wine!  If you go for this option then you can choose either rose, white or red hampers.  There are even hampers that would have all three. Buying this as a package will ensure it is all presented beautifully to the recipient.  You could even choose to do this on your own and purchase the hamper container and insert the wine yourself.

Christmas Hamper

These are probably less popular today than what they were two decades ago.  Some people save up weekly or monthly every year in order to ensure they get a luxurious Christmas Hamper sent to them at this time of the year.  The selections will differ significantly in shapes and sizes and the content contained within can range from actually having a turkey and meat contained to crackers, wine and other meats.