5 Alternative Places to Advertise

Are you sitting on a memorable and provoking ad campaign with no idea what to do with it? While you could put it out in traditional media through print or television ads, there are some other alternatives you can consider. Here are 5 of them, ranging from reasonable to just downright weird.


Windsocks are bright, colourful, and eye-catching. Since they are able to move in the wind, they form a dynamic image which we find ourselves wanting to look at and examine. They can be printed in all different colours with any logo or graphic you could wish. UK made windsocks are a great option for anybody searching for a unique advert for an outdoor event like a festival. 

Toilet Stalls

When people have nothing to do but sit and wait, provide them with somewhere to rest their eyes. Toilet stalls up and down the country, from motorway service stations to theatres, all have a little space on the back of the door where you can slip an advert. 


Once again, checkouts are a place where people stand and wait. They arrive, unload their shopping, and then are left with nothing to do until the cashier is ready for them. Capitalise on this by placing a few adverts about. These could be on the dividers that separate your shopping from another customer’s or even on the conveyor belt itself!

Video Games

When we say place an advert inside a video game, we don’t mean like a pop-up ad you need to wait to time out before you can start playing. We mean actually placing your ad within the world of the game. This type of advertising could off tremendous revenue; especially given the ongoing popularity of RPGs, both single player and online.

As Virtual Reality technologies become more advanced, it won’t be long before players are able to put on a headset and step into an entirely new world. If they are walking around a virtual city, why not throw them an advert for something the can access in the real world?


It is quite possible that every advertiser has at some point wished for a walking advert. Well, there are certainly ways for you to procure one. An easy way to do this is placing adverts on the sole of someone’s shoe. You might think that nobody would see it, but nothing could be further from the truth.

People are constantly putting their feet up; whether they are relaxing, putting one foot on the opposite knee, or just putting it somewhere it can easily be viewed. Other people are then more likely to take notice and get a little closer to see what is on the shoe. They may even ask the wearer a few questions, all potentially leading to some traffic and brand recognition for you.

Finally, there are some people out there willing to tattoo your brand onto them. Through either a temporary tattoo or even a permanent one, it will certainly create a talking point and recognition for your brand.

Image: Pixabay